What Are Some Great Ideas When Hosting a Treasure Hunt for Adults?

Some tips for hosting an adult treasure hunt include organizing a scavenger hunt. Another idea for hosting an adult treasure hunt is to focus on geocaching.

Adult scavenger hunts can take place indoors or outdoors. The goal is to find the items on a list in the shortest amount of time. Often certain tasks have to be completed to get a hint for the next task at hand. One tip to host this type of event includes organizing participants into unlikely teams. Grouping teams with strangers forces participants to engage in team building and adds suspense to the game.

Another tip involves adding difficult ways to accomplish simple tasks. For example, if the task is to get a particular flavor from an ice cream parlor, make it fun by requiring participants to transport their partners there in a wheelbarrow. Then require them to pick up toppings on the way.

Another tip for hosting an adult treasure hunt is to use Geocaching.com to organize the hunt and play as a group. Geocaching is an advanced term used to describe an adult treasure hunt using a GPS system. Participants aim to find the geocache or container with the treasure by using specific coordinates. Once they find the geocache, they sign the log book and share photos and stories. Using the website helps organize the trip so that all participants have a way to verify playing fairly and to keep in contact with each other after the event.