Does "Grand Theft Auto V" Have Different Cheat Codes for Different Platforms?


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"Grand Theft Auto V" does not have different cheat codes for each platform on which the game was released. However, the button combinations required to activate the cheats do differ between platforms due to differing control schemes on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms.

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The cheat system is very different between console versions of "Grand Theft Auto V" and the PC version. On the console editions, users input a series of button commands quickly to activate the desired cheat. On the PC version, users must press the tilde key to bring up the in-game console and type in a code word to activate the desired cheat. One such example of this is the invincibility cheat code which is activated on the Xbox One version by pressing right, A, right, left, right, RB, right, left, A and finally, Y. On PC, invincibility is activated by typing "PAINKILLER" into the console and pressing Enter.

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