What Are the Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats for the PlayStation 3?


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There are quite a number of cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto IV on the Sony PlayStation 3 console, such as cheats for health, armor, weapons, ammunition, vehicles and secret locations. To activate any of the cheat codes, press Up, which will display the main character's cellphone and then dial the code. Once a cheat code has been entered on the cellphone, it will automatically be saved under the Options menu on the cellphone and the player does not have to enter the code again in case he wants to reactivate it.

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The following are some of the cheat codes on GTA 4.

  • 4825550100 - This code replenishes Niko's health, armor and ammunition. While in a vehicle, this code will also repair the vehicle.
  • 3625550200 - Similar to the previous code except that this code does not replenish Niko's ammo.
  • 4865550100 - All tier 1 weapons, such as RPG, MP5, M4, grenades, shotgun, handguns and baseball bat, will be available for Niko.
  • 4865550150 - All tier 2 weapons, such as the Uzi, RPG, AK-47 and Molotov bombs will be available for Niko.
  • 2675550100 - Removes one star from Niko's wanted status.
  • 2675550100 - Niko's wanted status will be increased by a star.

Vehicles can also be spawned for Niko such as code 2275550168 for a SuperGT and code 2275550147 for a Turismo. Entering code 4685550100 changes the time of the day and entering www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com while in an Internet cafe will reveal maps to secret locations.

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