What Are Some "Grand Theft Auto 4" Cheat Codes?


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Cheat codes for “Grand Theft Auto 4” include calling (359)-555-0100 to get a helicopter, dialing (486)-555-0100 to get a batch of weapons or calling (468)-555-0100 to change the time of day. Players can enter cheat codes at any time during gameplay by using the in-game cellphone.

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What Are Some "Grand Theft Auto 4" Cheat Codes?
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Players can gain access to several vehicles by entering the right digits on their in-game phones. For example, they can drive the Super GT by calling (227)-555-0168 or the FIB Buffalo by dialing (227)-555-0100.

When dialing (486)-555-0100, they gain access to Weapon Batch 1. This includes a sniper rifle, RPG, pistol, MP5, M4, grenades and a baseball bat. If they want more weapons, they can call (486)-555-0150 to unlock the Uzi, molotov cocktails, a knife and the AK-47.

A player can also reduce her wanted level by calling (267)-555-0100. If she doesn't have time to pull out her phone but is close to a save point, she can instantly drop her wanted level by opening the save menu. Even if she doesn't save her game, her wanted level still drops.

“Grand Theft Auto 4” also has several secrets that don't require the in-game cellphone. For example, when players find an in-game computer that has access to the Internet, they can see an in-game message board that contains a map of all of the secret locations in the game.

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