What Are Some Good Word Scramble Programs?


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Some good world scramble programs include “Word Scramble Maker,” “Create Your Own Word Scramble” and “SuperKid Word Scrambler.” All of these programs are available to use online for free and don't require the download of additional software.

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With “Word Scramble Maker,” users can quickly make word scramble worksheets that they can print from home or the office. The program allows users to create their own word lists to scramble, or they can choose a pre-made list. This is a appropriate word scrambler program for students since teachers or parents can add vocabulary or words from any subject into the list to create a worksheet.

“Create Your Own Word Scramble” works much in the same way, but it gives users the option to subscribe to the website. This allows subscribers to edit word scrambles that they have created from any computer. Once they make a word scramble, the puzzle opens in a new Web page. Pages remain on the server for two months before the website takes them down.

“SuperKid Word Scrambler” is a basic and easy-to-use program. Creators can place a theme or hint in the first field. In the remaining fields, they put in the words that they wish to turn into a word scramble puzzle. Users can then print off as many copies of the puzzle as they wish.

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