What Are Some Good Wood Project Patterns?


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Some good wood project patterns include shelf, cabinet, bookcase and desk plans. Some other good patterns and projects include Adirondack chairs, picture frames, basket stands and storage cabinets.

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One good wood project pattern are picture frames made from repurposed wood pickets. Start by cutting 3 1/2-inch wide fence pickets into 5 18-inch lengths. Cut 2 more pickets to 17 1/2 inches. Place the 5 18-inch pickets side-by-side vertically on a flat surface. Arrange the 2 17 1/2-inch pickets horizontally over the vertical pickets a few inches from both the top and the bottom.

Attach the 2 boards using 3/4-inch wood screws, and finish by painting the frame. Add pictures using bulldog clips hot glued to the center of the picture frame just below the top horizontal piece of wood.

Another good pattern is for a fancy cutting board that can be used to serve freshly cut cheese and crackers. Draw a simple pattern on a piece of untreated hardwood, and cut it out with a tablesaw. Using medium grit sandpaper, lightly round the edges, and wipe it completely clean of dust. Work mineral oil into the wood grain, and allow it to dry. Use several coats. Once the cutting board is ready, it can be used for food preparation, but should never be placed in water.

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