What Are Some Good Free Wood Lathe Projects?


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Good free wood lathe projects include vases, bowls, bottle stoppers and gavels. Free lathe patterns are available on websites such as Craftsmanspace.com and WoodworkersWorkshop.com. Free patterns from both websites as offered as ".PDF"s.

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Working on a lathe is referred to as woodturning. The lathe rotates a piece of wood on its axis while the woodworker performs tasks such as sanding or cutting the wood to complete a finished piece. Woodturned projects not only require a lathe, but also cutting tools such as chisels and gouges, as well as measuring and marking tools. Safety equipment such as goggles and a dust mask are also important when working on a lathe.

The five basic categories of woodturning are spindle woodturning, faceplate woodturning, eccentric woodturning, spiral woodturning and build-up woodturning. Each method is used for specific types of projects.

Spindle woodturning is typically used to make objects such as furniture legs and pens. Faceplate woodturning involves a chuck or jig, and is used to make objects such as bowls and platters. Build-up woodturning requires glue to join pieces of wood together to form a finished piece. This style of woodturning is divided into three groups: laminated woodturning, segmented woodturning and post blocked woodturning. Eccentric woodturning is also called multi-axis woodturning and involves turning and remounting the work piece for a new axis of rotation.

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