What Are Some Good Weekend Craft Projects for Kids?

Some good weekend craft projects for kids include painting owls on pebbles, making wind chimes with shells, making soldiers with champagne corks and making penguins with salt dough. A variety of craft projects are available on websites such as Parenting.com and MarthaStewart.com.

To create owl ornaments or paperweights, kids can begin by looking for large smooth pebbles, particularly those with flat bottoms that are able to stand on their own. They paint a base coat on the pebbles and wait for them to dry, then draw the owls on top. When they finish decorating the pebbles, they may add varnish for additional shine.

To create a seashell wind chime, kids knot seashells on raffia strands. They make three of these seashell strands and tie them onto a stick so that the strands hang parallel to each other. They hang the wind chime on a tree with another piece of raffia.

To make soldiers with champagne corks, kids wrap pieces of felt around the corks to dress them, then draw faces on the corks with permanent markers and add further accessories with items such as pipe cleaners, buttons and yarn.

To make penguins with salt dough, kids combine salt, flour and water, then knead the mixture to form a smooth, pliable dough that is easy to use. They shape the dough into penguin figures and paint them, adding a final touch of varnish if they would like to give their penguins a glossy coat.