What Are Some Good Ways to Dry a Bird House Gourd Quickly?


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Some good ways to dry a birdhouse gourd quickly are to leave it on the vine and be sure that the gourd has lots of airflow. If purchasing a gourd from a store rather than growing it on a vine, place the gourd on a pallet and keep it out of small rooms or cellars where there is unlikely to be sufficient air flow. Do not scrape a gourd to facilitate drying, as this causes the gourd to rot.

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When drying gourds, rotate the gourd once a week to expose all sides of it to air. This helps prevent rot and mold from forming. Expose all sides of the gourd to air at once by hanging the gourds from a tree branch or from a pole in a well-ventilated building. Warmer climates with better air circulation cause the gourd to dry faster than cooler climates.

If mold grows on a gourd while it's drying, wipe the gourd off with a wet towel or cut the mold off with a paring knife. Do not pierce the gourd while it dries. Piercing speeds up the drying time slightly but is more likely to introduce bacteria and mold into the gourd and cause the gourd to rot.

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