What Are Some Good Ways to Cut Styrfoam?


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Some good ways to cut Styrofoam is by scoring the Styrofoam, using a foam-cutting saw and using a hot wire cutter, according to core77.com. Cutting Styrofoam can be a challenge, as the material breaks easily; however, these methods ensure a clean cut.

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Scoring the Styrofoam creates a clean break with the use of a sharp and thin object that can penetrate the foam, states Cake Central. Applying even pressure breaks through the Styrofoam along the line of the scored cutting.

A foam-cutting saw has a base with tiny wheels that prevent friction, notes Cake Central. The saw has a large base area that keeps the blade straight and helps to get a clean cut.

Hot wire cutters melt through the foam, which creates a smooth edge, states core77.com. The hot wires are useful for cutting out shapes.

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