What Are Some Good Ways to Cut Circles?


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Because the way in which to cut a circle can depend on the specific craft project material, its possible to use different types of circle cutters or simply a template and scissors. For scrapbook, fabric or paper crafts, circle cutters can be quite useful.

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Some circle-cutting tools are designed to cut out circles in varying diameters that can be useful for making quilts and other different sewing projects. These types of circle cutters are available at craft stores.

If crafters do not want to buy a circle cutter and are working with paper or fabric materials, then they can use circle templates, trace the circle on the material and then cut the circle out with scissors. Printable templates, which may be suitable for art projects, are available at the Teachers Printables website.

For projects that entail using materials such as wood, tiles, thin sheet metals, plastic and brass, circle cutters that attach to a drill press or stand may be appropriate. These types of circle cutters are available at stores that specialize in woodworking products.

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