What Are Some Good Typing Games for Kids?


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Some good typing games for kids include Type Racer, Burning Fingers and the Balloon Game from Sense-Lang. Typing games for kids intertwine basic typing skills with fun interactive gameplay.

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What Are Some Good Typing Games for Kids?
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Burning Fingers helps kids focus and incorporate good time management skills through a type racing game. The iPhone game can be played alone or against others online. Players can connect with social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, in order to share their achievements and high scores. The Learning Works for Kids website offers a variety of other games in addition to Burning Fingers, such as Tap Typing and Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum.

Type Racer allows players to enter a typing race against other players online. The game is designed to increase typing speed and accuracy. Players can choose to play alone, against friends or random opponents with similar skills. After the game is played, it displays the words per minute typed, accuracy rate and the time it took to complete the race once completed.

The Balloon Game from Sense-Lang allows players to choose their keyboard, such as QWERTY, Dvorak or Colemak, and what letters to test during the game. The letters drop from the top of the screen, giving the player a small amount of time to match the letter on the keyboard before it hits the bottom and pops. Each time a player misses a balloon, or types in an incorrect letter or symbol, a red "x" is given. Three red x's end the game. Some of the other typing games for kids found on the Sense-Lang website include Type for Your Life, Typing Race Master, Typing Band and Typing Chef.

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