What Are Some Good Tunisian Stitch Patterns for Beginners?


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A simple Tunisian crochet pattern is a rectangular bookmark. Using a size G/6 hook, chain 10 to begin. Work in basic Tunisian crochet for 38 rows, pull the end through the remaining loop, and sew in the ends. To add a crocheted shell trim, work along the edge of the bookmark. In every other stitch, make a half double crochet, three double crochets, and finally another half double. Continue around the edge. Iron the bookmark flat when finished.

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To make a granny square afghan, crochet 36 squares of multiple colors and sew them together. To make each square, chain 27 using a size I/9 hook, and work 20 rows. To bind off, slip stitch in each vertical stitch in a forward row, and fasten off. Each granny square should be 7 by 7 inches. Alter the hook size or yarn if necessary to achieve a consistent gauge. Once all the squares are finished, sew them together in six rows of six.

Tunisian crochet uses an elongated crochet hook, often with a stopper on the other end to keep stitches on the hook. Tunisian crochet produces a thicker and less elastic fabric than traditional crochet or knitting, and it is also faster than both methods. Tunisian crochet is therefore an ideal stitch for making blankets, rugs, and other large projects.

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