What Are Some Good Trivia Topics for Kids?


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Some good trivia topics for kids are seasonal topics such as weather and holidays, food, people, and school subjects. Children's books, TV shows and movies are also good trivia topics for kids.

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Weather questions for younger children might ask when to wear a coat or what season it is when leaves turn colors. "What day in November is Thanksgiving?" is an exemplary holiday question. Potential food questions can be what makes cookies sweet and which country created pizza. Trivia about people can ask kids to name people based on descriptions, to state when they lived or describe a person's famous contribution.

School subjects such as science, history, geography and vocabulary also make excellent trivia topics. A science series could give the name of an adult animal, such as cow, and the ask for the name of its baby form. Geography questions can ask for capitals or to identify countries by their characteristics.

Children's entertainment trivia questions can give part of a book or movie title before asking to complete it. Others include asking in which stories certain events occur and for character names. Questions can also give quotes before asking which movie or TV show characters said them.

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