What Are Some Good Track Layout Ideas for O-Gauge Trains?


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Track layouts that work with O-gauge rails include loop and loop-to-loop. Other variations include out and back and point-to-loop layouts. Loop layouts allow the train to complete laps of the track, and they may feature a section where the loop crosses over itself to form a figure eight pattern. Loop-to-loop layouts feature two loops that send the train back where it came from, but in the opposite direction.

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Out and back layouts contain a starting point that doubles as a finish point. The train departs, travels around the track and returns to the start in the opposite direction. Some layouts feature extra sections of track that allow the train to complete several laps before returning to the start.

Point-to-loop tracks feature a loop section with two spur tracks feeding into it. The spur tracks act as start and end points for the trains.

O-gauge track manufacturers make different curve diameters for loops and corners, which is important to bear in mind when building a track. More complex layouts incorporate features such as switches, crossings and trestles. These features allow modelers to create more complex designs, such as double loops and expansions of the figure eight. Basic track layout plans are available from Trainz.com, while more complex layouts, including replicas of real stations, are available from FreeTrackPlans.com.

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