What Are Good Tips for Unscrambling Words?


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A good tip for unscrambling words is to identify common English prefixes and suffixes in the set of letters and remove them from the set, suggests Buzzle. This makes unscrambling a word statistically more probable because it reduces the number of possible combinations into which the remaining letters can be sorted. It is also helpful to study common English root words, as it is easier to identify those roots in the future.

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Another tip is to use the vowels in a word to construct a framework for the other letters. It is easier to unscramble a word by arranging the vowels in a pattern, placing consonants on both sides of them, and moving the consonants around until the syllables start making sense, states Buzzle. When using this method, remember that the letter "S" can be in the middle of the word and at the end of it to make it plural. It can also help to place one of the vowels in the second position of the unscrambled word, then test different consonants around it.

The last option is to write down the possible combinations of the letters and look those combinations up in a dictionary, in case one of those combinations is a real word.

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