What Are Some Good Tips for Playing Tri-Peaks Solitare?


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Tips for playing "Tri-Peaks Solitaire" include building long move sequences and uncovering as many cards as possible with each move. The objective of the game is clearing the cards from all three peaks while scoring as many points as possible.

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In "Tri-Peaks Solitaire," 28 cards form three connected pyramids, or peaks. The 10 cards on the bottom are face-up while the others are down. In some versions of the game, all the cards are face-up. There is a waste pile with one face-up card, and the talon, which is the rest of deck, positioned face-down.

The player transfers cards from the peaks to the top of the waste pile. Cards can only be transferred if they are within one rank of the waste pile card.

The player receives points for each card moved from the peaks to the waste pile, with bonuses for clearing a peak and moving sequences of cards to the waste pile without needing to bring a card from the talon to the waste pile. Since the bonus is larger for longer sequences, the player should study the peaks and avoid removing cards that can build long sequences. He should attempt to uncover cards as quickly as possible by focusing on the bottom row and choosing cards that expose the most other cards.

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