What Are Some Good Tips for Playing the BeamNG Drive Game?


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One tip for playing “BeamNG.drive” is pressing the ESC key and selecting Spawn New in the Debug menu to spawn a new car. Players can also change the weather and time of day by pressing the ESC key and selecting Environment from the menu.

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The new vehicle that players spawn during gameplay acts just like the vehicle with which they started the stage. This means that they can still modify their cars using the corresponding hotkeys that they set up to perform certain actions. The only exception to this rule is the hotkey that re-spawns the cars at the spawn point, which is the F7 key by default. This hotkey doesn't work properly and re-spawns the original vehicle instead.

Players are bound to run into bugs and problems while playing “BeamNG.drive” since, as of July 2015, the game is still in early access. Developers give players early access to their games so that they can get feedback and support. This is often the best course of action for development teams that are too small to hire play testers to find all of the bugs and problems with their games. Players who buy the game during early access might get a lower price than when the developers launch the Beta or full-retail version of the game.

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