What Are Some Good Thanksgiving Games?


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Some good Thanksgiving games are Cranberry Stringing, Turkey Feather Toss and Thanksgiving Dinner. The first two games are physical challenges that require players to use speed, accuracy or both in order to win. They can be played individually or in teams. The last game is a mental challenge and requires players to use their creativity and recall skills in order to win.

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To play Cranberry Stringing, each player gets an 18-inch length of strong thread with a knot tied at the end. On the signal, every player picks cranberries out of a communal bowl and strings them onto the thread. The first player to fill a thread wins the game.

In Turkey Feather Toss, players receive a feather with a weight taped to the end. Players take turns trying to toss the feather into a basket placed several feet away. The player who lands a feather in the basket the most number of times in a given period wins.

Thanksgiving Dinner is a memory game in which players must add a new Thanksgiving dish to a running list. For example, the first player says, "For Thanksgiving Dinner, I ate turkey." The second player then says something like, "For Thanksgiving Dinner, I ate turkey and corn." The third player says, "For Thanksgiving Dinner, I ate turkey, corn and mashed potatoes," and so on. The first player to forget a dish or say it in the wrong order loses, and play continues until only one player remains.

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