What Are Some Good Sumdog Math Games?


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Sumdog’s math games include “Penalty Shootout,” “Bunny Hop” and “Tower Climber.” Another good game is “Pop Tune.” The games involve answering math questions to advance to the next stage.

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“Penalty Shootout” is a game that involves scoring goals against another player to win. Players answer five questions by clicking on the correct answers placed in the goal. Each correct answer equates to a score while a wrong answer equates to a miss. Leveled scores result in a sudden death shootout where the next player to click the correct answer wins.

“Bunny Hop” is a multiplayer game that involves racing against other rabbits to get to the carrot patch. Players avoid hazards by clicking on the warning signs and increase their speed by clicking on the correct answers. The first rabbit to reach the patch wins.

“Tower Climber” is a racing game that involves climbing a skyscraper to win. Players click on windows holding the correct answers to questions found on top of the screen. Right answers move the players up a floor while wrong ones slow them down.

“Pop Tune” is a multiplayer game that involves creating tunes by after answering questions. Players choose whom to play with and drag the correct answers onto the grid to listen to the sounds produced.

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