What Are Some Good Student Links Games?


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Some good Student Links games include "Puzzlemaker," "Construct-a-Word," and "Squanky's Quiet Quest for Opposites." All of the Student links games are Flash-based learning games available for free for anyone with a web browser.

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"Puzzlemaker" is an online program made available from Discovery Education for playing, developing and printing puzzles from scratch. "Puzzlemaker" allows the user to make a variety of different puzzles, such as word searches, math squares, mazes and cryptograms. Each puzzle that is developed requires the user to follow a series of steps to indicate the title of the puzzle, the grid size (if applicable) and other word or number options for completing the puzzle. It also has pre-generated puzzles that are available to play.

"Construct-a-Word" is an online Flash game for making words. It works by breaking words up into parts, asking first for a common word ending, such as "-ing" or "-ed." The user is then required to find all the starting letters that can possibly fit with the particular ending that they chose. All of the series of words that are formed by the user are kept in a word bank to use as a resource.

"Squanky the Toothtaker's Quiet Quest for Opposites" is a game in which the user is required to identify antonyms for words. A series of words is displayed on the screen and the user must click on the opposite word to aid Squanky is his quest to get teeth. Games that feature Squanky and other fun characters are made by GameGoo.

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