What Is a Good Strategy to Win at Mahjong Titans?


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A good "Mahjong Titans" strategy involves scoping out the board beforehand, working from the top down, working from the outside in, paying attention to the available tiles number and using hints sparingly. These tactics work together to help create a sound winning plan.

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"Mahjong Titans" is a computer game that comes with Windows Vista and 7. It is a tile-based game in which the player has to clear the board by matching free tiles. The game has six board layouts with varying levels of difficulty. The first tactic to use is to strategically analyze the board before clearing anything by right-clicking on all free tiles. This allows you to locate all the possible matches.

Some layouts, such as the "turtle," have several layers of stacked tiles. For these boards, it is best to work from the top down to free up hidden tiles on the bottom layers. For more spread out layouts, such as the "spider," it is best to clear from outside to inside.

Many players rely heavily on game hints, but good strategists use this function sparingly. Although hints help reveal matches, these are often not the game-winning choices. Strong players can catch the more inconspicuous matches on the board.

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