What Is a Good Strategy for a Beginning "Bid Whist" Player to Follow?

Good strategies for a beginning Bid Whist player to follow include working with a partner, saving high trump cards and pulling opponent trump cards. Keeping track of the cards that have been played is important, as it allows the player to figure out the opponent's hand.

Working with a partner includes basing plays off the partner and communicating through cards. If one partner plays a high card, the other player should play a low card and let the partner take the trick. Since partners win tricks together, it doesn't make sense for both players to use their best cards on a trick.

One way a player can communicate is by playing a low card from a strong suit when out of the trump suit. For example, if the trump suit is hearts and the player doesn't have any, playing a low spade card indicates to his partner that he's strong in spades.

When a player can't win a trick, it's better to burn a low card and save high cards for a later trick. Before playing a strong suit, a player should pull the opponent's trump cards. To do so, the player starts playing cards in the trump suit, until the opponent uses all his trump cards. Then, the player is able to play his strong suit without worrying about a trump card from the opponent.