What Are Some Good Sources That Help Make Words From a Set of Letters?


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Anagram-Solver.net, WordPlays.com and Word-Grabber.com are sources that help solve anagrams online. By inputting a series of letters into the search box, the services locate any words that can be made by reordering those letters.

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Anagram-solving tools can be used in games such as Scrabble and Words with Friends, although it is generally against the rules.

Anagram-Solver.net's database includes celebrity names, actors, movies, places, bands and songs. It also has inventors, TV shows, philosophy, science and a number of other topics. It boasts a database of millions of anagram solutions. Anagram-Solver.net also offers an anagram generator that users can access.

WordPlays.com offers a one-word anagram-solving tool and an advanced multiple-word anagram solver. To search for anagrams of multiple words, it provides a tool known as the Anagrammer. WordPlays.com also provides a tool specifically to help with the creation of Scrabble words and one for daily word jumbles.

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