What Are Some Good Sources for Collectible Typewriters?


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The Typewriter Museum, Typewriter.be and the Machines of Loving Grace are some good sources for collectible typewriters. These sites provide information about vintage typewriters from different manufacturers across several centuries. The Collectors Weekly website provides a list of the best sources of vintage and collectible typewriters.

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The Typewriter Museum provides insights about the history of typewriters since the device's invention in the 19th century. Also named as The Virtual Typewriter Museum, the site allows online typewriter enthusiasts to browse different types of typewriters according to make and chronological history. Each typewriter make and model includes the device's year of production, serial number and distinguishing features.

Typewriter.be offers a wide array of typewriters from the 1870s to the 1940s. The site displays the collectible typewriters in clear, high-quality pictures and provides information about each device's keyboard, history and unique features. Guy Perard, one of the owners of the site, also restores vintage typewriters. Before and after images of his works are available on the site.

The Machines of Loving Grace not only features vintage typewriters but also provides the history of each piece. Each collectible piece comes with its serial number, a rich history and high-quality pictures. The site includes collectibles from before and after the Depression Era, including typewriters from Adler, Hermes, Olivers and Olivettis.

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