What Are Some Good Sources of Cobalt Blue Glassware?


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Some good sources of cobalt blue glassware include Amazon.com, Macy's and Tias.com. As of December 2015, these retailers feature cobalt glassware on their websites and offer home shipping.

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Amazon.com offers more than 10 different kinds of cobalt blue glassware, including wine glasses, drinking glasses and highball glasses. Some of these glasses combine clear glass and cobalt blue glass for a smoky look. Customers can see the type of glass, brand name, prices, and new and used availability before clicking on a specific glass. Most of the glasses offer reviews and star ratings from customers who bought the glasses already.

Macy's offers a collection of four cobalt blue swirl glassware pieces by Mikasa. Styles of glasses include bubble wine glasses, old fashioned glasses, stemless wine glasses and white wine glasses. Customers can order these glasses on the company's website or add them to wish lists or registries.

Tia's is an online antique store that offers cobalt glassware. There are coffee mugs, wine glasses, drinking glasses and vintage style glasses. As an antique store, there are limited quantities of each type of cobalt glass. Customers see photographs of the glassware, a brief description and the price on the main page. Clicking specific items links to additional information.

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