What Are Some Good Soap Molds?


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Some good soap molds include the 2 Gents soap molds, 3 Fish mold and the HOSL six-cavity rectangular soap mold. As of 2015, each of these molds is available for sale online.

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The 2 Gents soap molds are two separate molds featuring rabbits. One of the molds is a purple color with the three-dimensional space to create a rabbit wearing a suit with tails. The other mold is blue and creates a rabbit driving in a sports car. Each mold offers two cavities and tolerates heat up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Soap needs to cool for 24 to 48 hours before removing.

The 3 Fish molds by Milky Way feature three distinct fish each with its own mold. Each of the fish molds makes between 3 ounces and 3.5 ounces of soap. These molds offer fine details on each of the fish, such as stripes, fins and circles of color. One of the fish is long and slender with low fins, while the other is shorter and plumper.

The six-cavity rectangular soap mold is made from silicone and serves other purposes, including making ice cubes, cakes and candles. This mold makes 175 grams of soap total over six bars. The final soaps weigh around 3.8 ounces per bar.

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