What Are Some Good Small Team Building Games?


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Some good small team building games include minefield, truth and lie, poker tower and Lego man. Others are willow in the wind and eye contact.

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What Are Some Good Small Team Building Games?
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Minefield is a game that involves trust and communication. The players can split into equal teams that have a caller and a follower. The objective is to navigate the follower through a field with obstacles despite other callers doing so at the same time.

Truth and lie involves members writing a truth and a lie on paper. Once written and kept secret, the team mingles and discusses the answers given. Players also have a session to guess who wrote what and whether it is true or false. It involves deceit to sharpen keenness for detail and knowledge of team mates.

Poker Tower is a simple game involving cards or paper and scissors with an objective to build a tower as high as possible. It tests strategy and creativity.

Lego man involves memory and teamwork. The instructor creates a Lego object and asks the teams to replicate the object. It can b equidistant from rival groups with only a few seconds of viewing allowed per team member until the last one has a view and repeat until one team wins.

Willow in the Wind involves a person standing like a pole in the middle of a circle group and drops themselves into the arms of the surrounding team mates. Eye contact is a simple stare in the eye contest to test trust and respect.

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