What Is a Good Small Catapult for Kids to Build?


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A spoon catapult is a small handheld catapult that uses a spoon to launch small items. Alternatively, kids can make a dowel rod catapult that can be launched from a tabletop.

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What Is a Good Small Catapult for Kids to Build?
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The spoon catapult requires a glue gun, a clothes pin, a plastic spoon and electrical tape. To make, apply hot glue to the middle of an open clothes pin. Add the flat end of a plastic spoon to the glue and allow the glue to cool. Wrap the glued spoon with electrical tape to secure.

The dowel rod catapult offers a hand-held alternative for bigger kids. It requires 11 dowel rods of the same size, one longer dowel rod, rubber bands, the lid from a juice bottle and a glue gun. To make, form a "T" shape from a short and long dowel rod. Use rubber bands to secure the shape. The longer rod forms the launching arm. Attach a dowel rod to each end of the short arm of "T" and secure each with rubber bands. Form a square base by adding and securing another rod across the base of the "T". Be careful not to secure the free end of the launching arm.

Create the vertical sides of the catapult by attaching a third rod to each corner of the square base. Secure the rods in pairs so that they form a tent over the base. Position a single dowel rod horizontally across the top to connect the pairs. Add a second horizontal rod a few inches below the top. Attach a long rubber band to each end of the second horizontal rod and position the launching arm atop of the rubber band. Use the glue gun to secure the bottle cap to the launching arm.

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