What Are Good, Simple Wooden Projects for Children?


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Some good, simple wooden projects for children include making name plaques, picture frames and bookends. Some other simple projects include model buildings, robots, monsters and ships.

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What Are Good, Simple Wooden Projects for Children?
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Wooden name plaques and picture frames are made by arranging and gluing small twigs onto heavy stock paper or cardboard in the shape of letters or a rectangle. If twigs are too long, an adult should saw or cut them with the appropriate tools. Plaques are hung with ribbon or twine that is strung through holes in the top corners of the plaque. The cardboard on the picture frame is kept whole to give photos a strong background on which they are glued before the twigs are arranged around them.

To make bookends, children use soft wood scraps, such as fir or pine, so that nails are easily hammered into the sides. The scraps are arranged into whatever shape the child desires, and the pieces are nailed and glued together. Bookends are made heavy enough to lean large stacks of books against them. The wood is sanded until smooth and stained, painted or sealed as desired.

Buildings, robots, monsters and ships are crafted by sanding or whittling scraps of wood into specific shapes, such as circles, squares, cylinders and rectangles. If a shape requires a power tool, adults must supervise. The shapes are arranged to create the object, and ball hinges, nails or glue are used to connect the pieces.

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