What are some good short and clean funny stories?


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Some short and clean funny stories include a joke about asking for half a sandwich that results in confusion and a joke about taco shells breaking when they get to the plate. U.S. President Ronald Reagan told many funny stories during his presidency, including once saying that someone told him that he had a short attention span, but Reagan said he'd rather move on than respond to the allegation.

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A man goes into a sandwich shop. He asks the server for half a sandwich. The server looks confused and asks the man what he expects the server to do with the other half of the sandwich. The next day, the man returns to the same shop and again asks for half a sandwich. The confused server asks the man if he wants the top half of the sandwich or the bottom half.

U.S. comedian Jimmy Fallon told a funny story about how taco shells survive a great deal without breaking. The manufacturer produces a hard taco shell, packages the shell and ships it to the grocery store. The consumer buys the taco shell and takes it home intact, only to have the taco shell break the second the consumer goes to put something in it.

Another funny Ronald Reagan story occurred when Reagan debated Walter Mondale. A question arose about Reagan's advanced age and whether that impeded his ability to function as a world leader. Reagan retorted that he chose not to make age an issue in the election because he did not want to prey upon his opponent's youth and inexperience. Reagan also once joked that he was so old he remembered when journalists yelled to stop the chisels instead of yelling to stop the presses.

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