What Are Some Good Scrabble Words Ending in "i"?


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Some of the best Scrabble words that end in the letter "i" are ami, ani, anti, bani, coni, deni, maxi, rani and taxi. However, there are many other words that end in "i' which are fair play in Scrabble.

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One of the most effective strategies in Scrabble is to add a letter on to the ending of a word already on the board. This allows the player to not only earn points for the pre-existing word, but he can also earn points for any other words that he makes during this turn.

Many words that end with an "i" can be created from pre-existing words on the board. For example, the word tax can easily be changed to taxi. Therefore, if one of these words already exists on the board, the player can put an "i" at the end of it. Then, he makes a word of his own using the 'i."

Certain words that end in the letter "i" are particularly high scoring because of the other letters in the words. For example, khaki is particularly high scoring because of the high-point value of the letter "k" in the game of Scrabble. By combining the strategy of ending words in "i" and then making a high-scoring word, the letter "i" can be highly effective in Scrabble.

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