What Are Some Good Scarf Knitting Patterns?


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Some good scarf knitting patterns are the simple stockinette, the chunky knit, the purse stitch and the cable knit. Following the directions for any one of these patterns results in a scarf that is functional and beautiful.

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According to Martha Stewart, the stockinette stitch pattern that anchors edges with a garter stitch is the best choice for producing a classic-looking 8-by-60-inch scarf. A chunky knit pattern is best for creating a 7-by-60-inch tightly knit, lightweight scarf as it utilizes less dense yarn and bigger needles. The purse stitch pattern is perfect for a beginner who wants a more loosely woven 16-by-72-inch scarf, while the slightly more complex cable knit pattern makes it a popular choice for any knitter who wants an 8-by-88-inch scarf with a little flair. The choice of a good scarf knitting pattern ultimately depends on what the knitter wants to produce as well as the knitter's level of expertise; the yarn chosen and the needles used; and the amount of time the knitter has available to devote to the project. Once these things have been determined, a knitter can utilize magazines, websites and local fabric shops to locate a wide range of fun and creative scarf patterns.

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