What Are Some Good Santa Tracker Games?


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A fun Santa Claus tracking game is the “Track Santa Game” on the arcade website Mocomi.com. Kids can also play “Google Santa Tracker.” While they can only track Santa during the holidays with “Google Santa Tracker,” there is a sky-diving mini game that is playable year round.

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What Are Some Good Santa Tracker Games?
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In the “Track Santa Game,” players use a computer mouse to track Santa Claus and follow which area of the world he is visiting. When the game starts, they see a layout of the world and the route that Santa Claus takes. It's up to them to remember the order in which Santa visits all of the different areas of the world.

Players click the Start button in the bottom-right corner of the game screen to begin. Once the game starts, they have to correctly pick the area where Santa starts his journey. If they are correct, they get to see a cut scene with Santa delivering a present to a child in that area of the world. If they are incorrect, they get to guess again until they get it right.

“Google Santa Tracker” is a game that players can only enjoy when Santa isn't on his annual vacation. However, clicking on the man with a parachute lets kids play a Santa sky-diving game. In this game, they pick an area of the world that they want to deliver gifts to using Google Maps. Then, they use the arrow keys on the keyboard and the mouse to control Santa during his sky dive.

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