What Are Some Good Robot Games for Kids?


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Some good robot games for kids include “RoboRampage,” “Super Robot War” and “Robostory.” From shooters to platformer puzzles, these robots games are all free to play online.

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“RoboRampage” is a shooting game that lets players take control of a flying, gun-equipped robot. Players move around a small, static environment as enemies come from all sides. As the game progresses, enemies become stronger and more frequent, leading to the challenge. The robot’s ability to fly and shoot in any direction keeps “RoboRampage” engaging for kids. Players can also collect power-ups and new weapons, which make the game easier.

“Super Robot War” is a side-scrolling arcade action game similar to the classic “Streets of Rage” or “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Players take control of one of two robots, navigating their character through a 2-D environment filled with enemies. Players can only move on to new areas after defeating all the enemies, which come from both sides of the screen. Power-ups and exciting boss fights make “Super Robot War” an engaging brawler that most kids are likely to enjoy.

“Robostory” is a non-violent puzzle-solving game that features increasingly complex puzzles and stylish graphics. Players control a small robot who must work its way through different environments, moving objects and manipulating computers in order to go forward. The game starts off simple, but later levels offer intricate puzzles that may be too difficult for younger children.

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