What Are Some Good Recycling Crafts for Kids?


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The best recycling crafts for children enable the reuse of things that would otherwise be thrown away. A variety of fun crafts can be constructed from paper or plastic bags, aluminum or tin cans, cardboard boxes, CD cases or pill bottles.

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What Are Some Good Recycling Crafts for Kids?
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One craft that can be made from a plastic bag is a feather plume. Simply remove the handles and bottom seam and cut the bag at the side seams. Cut the blank side of the bag into four pieces and stack them on top of each other. Then, cut the stack into a feather shape. Weave a chenille stem down the middle of the feather shape and fold over each end. Cut the sides of the feather from the edge to the center chenille stem and admire your new feather.

If you have many old, unusable CDs, try creating a CD flower. Decorate one disc with glitter as the middle of the flower and decorate five other discs as flower petals. Glue the five petal CDs underneath and around the center CD. When the glue is dry, attach chenille stems to create the flower's stem and leaves. Use a tack to hang the flower from a wall or door.

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