What Is a Good Recipe for Cinnamon Pine Cones?

What Is a Good Recipe for Cinnamon Pine Cones?

Make cinnamon pine cones by collecting the pine cones, removing visible debris and heating them in the oven for one hour at 200 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bacteria. When the pine cones are cool, place the them in a large, sealable plastic bag with several drops of cinnamon essential oil. Toss the pine cones to distribute the oil, and then let the sealed bag sit for one to four weeks.

For easy clean-up, place pine cones on cookie sheets lined with aluminum foil before putting them the oven. In addition to killing bacteria, baking pine cones ensures they are fully opened and visually appealing.

The longer you leave the pine cones inside their sealed bag, the stronger the scent will be. For a milder scent, remove the pine cones as early as five days after baking.

Recipe variations include using a different essential oil scent or painting the pine cones. To paint pine cones, pour your chosen paint color into a shallow disposable cup, and dip the base of each pine cone into the paint. Other options include using a small paintbrush to paint the tips of each pine cone or sprinkling glitter on top of the paint.

Scented pine cones are a cheap option for holiday gifts and a simple craft with which children can help.