What Is a Good Question in the Game "Truth"?

Some good questions for the game Truth are "What is your most embarrassing memory?", "What is the worst gift you have ever received?" or "What is the worst rumor you have ever participated in?" Usually the game of Truth is combined with dares, making it Truth or Dare.

The game Truth or Dare is a fun party game, and is a good choice to use as an ice-breaker. It gives party-goers a chance to get to know each other before the party gets into full swing. The rules are simple and straightforward:

  • Place pieces of paper with "truth" questions in one bowl, and pieces of paper with "dares" in another. Some example of fun dares for the game are to peel a banana using only the feet, act like a dog and fetch a one or two items, pretend to be in bed having a nightmare or have a two minute conversation with an inanimate object.
  • The entire group sits in a large circle with the two bowls in the middle. Select one person to begin, then move clockwise around the circle so everyone has a turn.
  • Each person states out loud whether they choose to answer a truth or complete a dare. Then that person blindly selects a piece of paper from the bowl that corresponds to his or her choice. Once the task has been completed or the question answered, it is the next person's turn.