What Are Some Good Puppy Games for Girls?


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Some good puppy games for girls include “K9 Coaching,” “Cute Puppy Daycare” and “I Lost My Puppy.” These kid-friendly games are all available online and completely free to play.

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What Are Some Good Puppy Games for Girls?
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“K9 Coaching” lets girls take control of Stan, protagonist of Disney’s popular TV show “Dog with a Blog.” Players must help Stan influence his humans in order to get what he needs. Players make Stan bark to distract human characters, taking care of most of the game’s activities in secret, including scrounging for snacks and covertly blogging. If a human character catches Stan, players must attempt the level again.

“Cute Puppy Daycare” operates much like the classic Tamagotchi digital pets, but with a free online interface featuring cute dogs. Players choose to adopt one of three puppies and then attend to their pets’ various needs. Puppies need exercise, food, baths, medicine and training, among many other activities. While the game is quite simple, managing and fulfilling all of the puppies’ different desires keeps things engaging.

In “I Lost My Puppy,” girls take on the role of a dog detective, searching out missing pups in the park. At the start of each round, players are presented with a picture of a lost dog, which they must then locate among all the other dogs at the park. Each round adds a great number of similar-looking dogs for an increased challenge.

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