What Is a Good Process to Unjumble Words?


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To unjumble or unscramble words, start by separating vowels from consonants. Arrange letters starting with common prefixes – for instance, "un-" and "ex-" – and suffixes such as "-ful" and "-ism." Also try combinations of consonant blends and vowel pairs, and eliminate unlikely combinations.

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Using common grammar rules is a good process for unscrambling words. For instance, look for letters such as "q," "x" and "z," which rarely appear in words. If the jumble contains a "q," you know that a "u" goes with it. Look for combinations of consonant blends such as "br-" (gr-, fr-, pr- and tr-), "ch-," "st-" and "th-." Also look for common vowel pairs such as "ea" and "ou."

Trying common prefixes and suffixes is also useful, especially in scrambled words containing several vowels. It's also useful to try common word and vowel endings such as "-able" "-ed," "-ous," and "-tion." Double-check possible solutions against common spelling rules such as "I before E except after C."

Another tip for solving word scrambles is to arrange the letters in alphabetical order to get a fresh look at them. Also, memorizing pairs of anagrams such as "chained" for "echidna" and "toenail" for "elation" can help spot and solve unusual words faster.

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