What Is a Good Portrait Photoshoot Idea?

good-portrait-photoshoot-idea Credit: Ryan McVay/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A good idea for a portrait photoshoot is to be sure that the background allows the subject to stand out and that the subject is the main focus of the portrait. A portrait photoshoot can be done in a city or country setting; it can also be done indoors, surrounded by objects that highlight the personality of the subject.

A portrait photograph does not always have to be a smiling subject with a solid color background. It is important for photographers to experiment with different backgrounds, different focus points and different framing formats. A portrait photograph can be shot horizontally or vertically, even though vertical framing is the most common in portraits photographs.

Having an idea of a subject's personality along with what they are looking for in their portrait allows photographers to have more ideas for a portrait photoshoot. It is a good idea to have the subject make several expressions to find the one that works best and is most comfortable; a smile is not always the best expression that a subject can make. Photographers should be sure that they always capture the personality of their subject, no matter the type of photo they are shooting.