What Are Some Good Pochontas Costumes?


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A traditional, Disney-inspired Pocahontas costume includes a deer-skin dress, Pocahontas' jade necklace and the red detailing on Pocahontas' right arm. Opt for a unique approach by dressing as Sexy Pocahontas, Male Pocahontas, or be Pocahontas' pet raccoon, Meeko.

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Another option is a Pocahontas and John Smith couple's costume. While the Pocahontas' costume can be found online, John Smith is easier to create by layering with a white shirt, a blue vest, blue jeans and a satchel. If desired, make a homemade Pocahontas costume by cutting a tan-colored T-shirt to size and adding fringes. Make a homemade necklace using beads or fabric.

A Sexy Pocahontas costume is generally shorter and reveals more skin, often including a corset. A guy's version of Pocahontas uses a variation of the necklace, arm detailing, and dear-skin pants rather than a dress.

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