What Are Some Good Places to Buy Silver Coins?


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Good places to buy silver coins include directly from banks and at coin shops. Many websites also sell silver coins, perfect for investors.

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Before purchasing silver coins, experts recommend becoming familiar with the different types of coins available to the public.

Silver bullion coins have a silver content of 0.999 or higher and are sometimes marketed as pure silver. These are the most popular silver coins among collectors. Buyers and sellers trade these coins based on current silver prices.

Numismatic silver coins are most often purchased by collectors. Numismatic coins gain or lose value depending on the price of silver, their metal content and dealer profit.

The price of semi-numismatic coins is dependent upon their silver content, and they are typically considered semi-collector coins.

Pre-1964 junk silver coins hold less value than other coins and come in quarters, dimes, Morgan dollars, Franklin half-dollars and others. These coins usually only contain from 35 to 90 percent silver and, because of that, are not considered pure.

When looking for a place to purchase silver, do some research and find a place that sells silver bullion coins because these are the best investment for collectors. Many coin shops sell popular silver coins such as Canadian maple leaf coins and American silver eagle coins.

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