Where Is a Good Place to Farm Fel Scales in "World of Warcraft"?


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Basilisks and ravagers, when skinned, have greater chances of providing Fel Scales than other beast creatures in Outland. Basilisks called Marshrock Stompers and Marshrock Threshalisk gather in numbers in the Dire Mire, Zangarmash, whereas ravagers are commonly found on Thornfang Hill in Hellfire Peninsula. These creatures spawn back quickly.

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Several other basilisks are also found in other zones in Outland, including the Blade's Edge Mountains, Terokkar Forest and Netherstorm. The player's character must learn the skinning profession and reach the skill level needed to get Fel Scales from Outland beasts. World of Warcraft players can also easily obtain Fel Scales and other crafting materials at the Auction House if they have a lot of gold.

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