What Are Some Good Pine Cone Decorations?

What Are Some Good Pine Cone Decorations?

Some good pine cone decorations for your home include snowy pine cone candle jars, a pine cone topiary and picture frames made of pine cones. Elegant candlesticks embellished with pine cones and a snow globe style ornament are two more attractive pine cone decorations.

Snowy pine cone candle jars are a simple project made with glass jars, snow texture paint and Epsom salts. The crafted snow in the jar holds the candles while the jar mouth is decorated with lace, twine and pine cones.

The pine cone topiary at SomewhatSimple.com is made using only the top portion of the pine cone hot glued to an 8-inch Styrofoam ball. Painting the round topiary with gold, silver or white and displaying it in an indoor or outdoor plant pot makes an elegant and inexpensive home decoration that looks good all winter.

Pine cone picture frame ornaments are made of individual pine cone petals hot glued around the edges of photos. The picture ornaments look nice hung on different lengths of ribbon and interspersed with individual or groups of pine cones on ribbon hangers.

Gluing pine cones all around the rims of tall glass candlesticks creates a uniquely eye-catching design for a mantel or tabletop. The pine cones rest on the top rim of the candlestick, creating the illusion of a candle rising from the pine cone cluster.