What Are Some Good Photographs of Calla Lilies??


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The images at Fotonin are good photographs of the calla lily plant. Both photographs have the plant in focus and are at high resolutions, allowing the viewer to examine the plant in detail.

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The first photograph features a white calla lily on a white background, whereas the second picture has a yellow-hued variation standing in front of a green background. The anthers of the plant are clear in both pictures, as are the petals. The blurry background in the first picture makes it an ideal wallpaper. Right click on the images, and click Save Image As to save them to your computer. Once downloaded, right click the image, and choose Set as Desktop Background to use either image as a wallpaper.

Native to South Africa, the calla lily grows in marshy environment that are 20 to 2,250 meters above sea level. It is 60 centimeters tall and has evergreen leaves. Although it is possible to grow the plant indoors, all parts of it are poisonous and cause irritation and swelling. As such, the plant is only used for ornamental and agricultural purposes.

The hairless leaves of the plant have a leathery texture and form a broadly oval shape. The flowering plant can be up to 60 centimetres long, whereas the floral bract is some 15 centimeters long. Despite the name, calla lilies are not actually lilies but aroids. Carl Linnaeus misnamed the plant in 1753, and the name stuck. The scientific name of the plant is Zantedeschia aethiopica.

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