What Are Some Good Orc Names?

Great orc names vary according to the fantasy cannon from which they derive. Some great Tolkien-based names include Graarug, Biurk, Vonak, Kuudash and Hagdush. Warhammer-style orc names are more descriptive and colorful; examples include Foot-terror, Glory-chewer, Man-hacker and Dwarf-juggler.

Orcs are present in plenty of other fantasy settings. The Elder Scrolls video game series contains female orc names along the lines of Mazoga, Umog, Arob, Glasha and Sloomalah. Male orc names in the Elder Scrolls series include Bashag, Maknok, Shagol, Balagog and Ulag.

There are also many websites that offer random orc name generators. By using one of these sites, individuals can often choose which style name they prefer, letting the generator do the work of picking out some good options.

Likely orc surnames might evoke the notable exploits of the creature in question. For example, orc surnames from the World of Warcraft video game series include Elfkicker, Skullsplitter, Foe-ender and Doomhammer.

Famed fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien, who invented the orc as a fantasy creature, also created an entire language for the race. Thus, several dictionary resources are available online, allowing users to choose a name based on the meaning of various orcish words. An older character might be known as Sharkû, whereas a dark and filthy sort of character might appropriately be called Burzdug.