What Are Some Good Opening Jokes for Speeches?


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Some good opening jokes for speeches include: "I don't know how well I can do on the first two, so I'll try to achieve the third" and "I'll try not to talk too long. They say it's best to leave your audience before your audience leaves you." Another opening joke to a speech is: "Being a good keynote speaker is the art of saying nothing briefly."

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When one is self-deprecating in a good opening joke, he or she appears as somebody with their ego in check, and it is less likely that somebody may find the joke offensive. However, one should avoid being too self-deprecating, as it may take the rest of the speech in an unintended direction.

Unless the rest of the speech is a specific roast, one should avoid targeting single members of the audience in the opening joke, as it is a sure way to ostracize listeners and create offense. Similarly, one should not target larger demographic groups, especially those who are present in the audience. While lawyers and police officers are common targets for such jokes, those present at the speech may not appreciate the joke.

One should practice delivery daily, as any good joke is made better or worse according to the way that it is said.

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