What Are Some Good Free Online Zombie Games to Play?


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"Zombie Taxi 2" is a free online zombie game in which the player finds a vehicle and drives around saving citizens from the undead. "Project Validus: Survival" is another free role playing zombie game in which the player kills zombies to level up.

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"Zombies Took My Daughter" is a mystery game in which the player has to find his daughter within 36 hours. This sprawling game features many quests, clues, sites and other content. "Desolation 2: The Bunker Of Fear" is a puzzle game in which the main goal is to search for a cure for the zombie illness that has afflicted the town.

"Sonny 2" is a turn-based strategy game and has a broad spectrum of characters, levels and story options. In 2011 it was voted one of the most elaborate free online zombie games. "More Zombies" is a comical game in which special ketchup has turned people into zombies and the player's job is to reach the 18 different achievements.

"Dead Frontier Outbreak 2" is a game in which every choice the player makes dictates where the story goes. The main character is trying to find medicine for his wife who is battling cholera and fights zombies along the way.

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