What Are Some Good Online Soldier Games?


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Some good online soldier games include iWar and American Soldier: In the Enemy Line. Both of these games are free and available on arcade websites such as Slivergames.com and Fog.com.

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iWar is a real-time strategy game that players control with both the computer mouse and keyboard. They click on the soldier they want to control or click and drag over all available units to select multiple soldiers. Then, they select a different area of the map to move the units. Gamers can click on enemies to attack and click on items to pick them up. The up and down arrow keys scroll the map, the G key switches to grenades and the F key switches to sniper. To use grenades or a sniper rifle, players must choose a unit with those weapons.

American Soldier: In The Enemy Line is a first-person shooter. The goal of the game is to kill all of the enemy soldiers on the map before time runs out and without dying. If players can kill all of the enemies, they move on to the next stage. Players use the computer keyboard to control the soldier. The arrow keys move the soldier the X key fires and the Z and C keys make the soldier strafe.

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